Is that a bottle?

I heard about the company Bubi Bottle through a good friend, and having used one every single day since I got them in January 2017, I can honestly say that they the most versatile bottle you can buy. Not only can they roll up into a package the size of a tennis ball, but they avoid all the normal reusable bottle problems

Made of Silicone, they are firm enough to not stretch or deform when full, and stand upright without issue, but they are flexible enough that they can be taken apart, pulled inside out and scrubbed clean in a matter of minutes.

There is a small ring that goes on the outside of the top of the Bubi Bottle, and one on the inside that creates a firm place for the cap to screw on. Washing the Bubi Bottle is easy as you can remove the screw and insert, then turn it inside out! Super easy and fast. These bottles are extremely durable, and can even be used to melt snow by hanging the bottle over the fire!

The Bubi Pet Bowl (Multicolor cup seen in photo above) is a collapsible bowl that fits on the lid of any Bubi Bottle. It utilizes the lid of the bottle, to become the bottom of the bowl, and collapses flat to fit in your pocket or pack. While I thought it may be too small for purpose, I have been surprised. Having tested it with a friends dog, I found that it holds the right amount of water that dogs drink on while hiking (ish). 

The variety of caps that are available from Bubi Bottle can be useful, with the Flip Cap being my favorite, however I tend to just use the screw on cap as I found it easier to use in day to day life. I would however recommend purchasing the Sports Cap if you are intending to use it in the gym or while running, whilst I found the Flip Cap worked better while I was hiking on the trail or snowboarding.

The only issue I could find with any of my Bubi Bottle’s is that I struggled to make them stand upright on a table or similar. This is not the biggest issue in the world, and it fits well in cup holders so it has not been an issue for me!

Go check them out at

Stay Safe All.

AlphaMikeZeroSeven – Out.

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